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The DRM SA GROUP is the product of the re-launch by the DRM Consortium of what was previously known as the DRM SA PLATFORM.

The re-launch was prompted by the need to move the DRM movement in South Africa to the next level of preparation for the implementation of digital radio in South Africa.

This need was identified as the result of the publication by ICASA on 23 April 2021 of the final regulations for Digital Sound Broadcasting (DSB) in South Africa.

The DRM Consortium has expanded its activities with the launch of a new DRM Platform in Southern Africa. The objectives of DRM SA are to coordinate the various industry stakeholders in the countries of Southern Africa, interested in DRM, to stimulate the introduction and roll-out of DRM broadcasts and to demonstrate a business case for producing and selling DRM radio sets or auxiliary devices.

The DRM Platform in Southern Africa joins the Indian, Brazilian, German and other DRM national platforms working together with the DRM Consortium, using national knowledge and expertise. Dr Roelf Petersen Group Managing Director of the Pulpit Media Group (PMG) has been appointed as Chairman of the new DRM SA Platform. His role will be to coordinate the strength of all the African parties involved, in order to ensure that the great potential of the DRM technology becomes a practical reality for serving the peoples of Southern Africa.

The DRM global standard can be used in all radio frequency bands and is ideal for the large countries of Southern Africa, from national networks and regional stations to smaller commercial and community stations, all would be able to broadcast their digital radio programmes with enhanced content and in excellent sound quality to everyone in their respective countries. DRM is an ideal African digital solution.

DRM SA is a voluntary group without financial aims.

The DRM Consortium was founded in 1998 to promote the adoption of the DRM standard worldwide. The Consortium has around 100 international members, including broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, regulators, research institutes etc. with experts and technologists ready to give expert and objective advice on the technology. The DRM Consortium is open to companies, organisations, associates and individuals who can join at any time.

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