Great Possibilities for DRM in Southern Africa

Pleased representatives of the DRM Southern African Platform and key Consortium members at a successful DRM Workshop held in Centurion, South Africa

The saying that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, has proven to be true during the practical DRM workshop, held on 16-17 October in Centurion, South Africa. Key stake holders and media in Southern Africa received hands-on demonstrations of the potential of the DRM digital radio standard at the workshop, hosted by the DRM Southern African Platform in co-operation with key Consortium representatives. This show-and-tell event allowed them to not only listen to a crystal clear test DRM transmission by Radio Pulpit, but also provided them with the opportunity to have a closer look at receivers, being able to test the capabilities thereof.

“It was clear that DRM transmissions are not only possible, but has the ability to provide Southern Africa with an extended broadcast coverage and substantial energy savings. With South Africa having the potential to most likely produce receivers locally, Southern Africa is moving closer to a strategy and structure for digital audio transmissions,” the Chair of the Southern African Platform, Dr Roelf Petersen of the Pulpit Media Group, said. “With high quality sound; combined with a wealth of enhanced features e.g. surround sound, Journaline text information, slideshow capabilities, EPG, and data services, DRM can become a truly African standard,  which can open up new possibilities for listeners and opportunities for local industries.” The workshop proved to be a great success.