Click here to download the DRM MW Test Report.

Radio Pulpit, a Christian community radio station in South Africa, has started with trial transmissions on the DRM standard on 1 July 2014 across greater Pretoria and parts of Johannesburg. Radio Pulpit secured a special broadcasting license from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) to undertake trial broadcasts until May 2015.

DRM Trial Expected Coverage

The Station is broadcasting on AM 1440kHz from Kameeldrift Pretoria, making use of a 25kW DRM-ready transmitter to broadcast on signals of 10 kHz bandwidth. While Radio Pulpit is the main sponsor and license holder, Broadcom cc provides site and technical services. Sentech provides an alternative low profile antenna, with tests and measurements conducted by Sentech and Broadcom cc.

DRM is the only universal, openly standardized digital broadcasting system for all frequencies. It is a high-quality digital replacement for current analogue broadcasting in the AM and FM/VHF bands used by national networks and regional stations, as well as the smaller commercial and community stations in South Africa.

DRM Test site – Kameeldrift, Pretoria
25kW DRM Transmitter

Click here to download the DRM Test Report.